3. Begin with the End in Mind.

You may argue that this should be the first rule since your mission, meaning, or purpose start to come into play. Some of us may have difficulty in determining these things. It may take a long time to do it. I found that the order of these rules changed as my priorities changed. I needed to be more aware of certain rules  as I faced different challenges as I laboured to “be the best that I could be”.

  • Shape your own future by creating

a mental vision and purpose

for every project.


  • Don’t just live day-to-day without

a clear purpose in mind.


  • Identify and then commit yourself to the



relationships, and


that matter most to you.

The above quote is profound. Principles, values, relationships and purpose are complex and detailed. If only you could find a way to simplify them. It’s one thing to read about, understand and appreciate these ideas. It’s much harder to internalize them so that you live by them.

  • Your mission statement is

the highest form of mental creation.

It is your most important decision.

It will govern

all other decisions.


  • You can fly when you decide that you can.

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