Round 2 – Building on the 19 Rules

After 21 posts that introduced 19 rules for effective living it’s time for Round 2.  Within the framework of the 19 rules there are topics that are significant connections that need to be discussed. There are also several new authors that have greatly influenced my thinking.


Life is a journey. The ride isn’t always smooth. What makes it bumpy or smooth? We have to figure that out if we want to make it as smooth a ride as possible.


Do we plan on encountering rough spots? Many successful people, especially business people, say that their success was possible because they planned for the worst to occur! To many that’s a frightening aspect – planning for contingencies. However in a competitive and unfriendly world it makes sense to identify potential obstacles and take preventative action.


Do you ever feel that there are too many different activities competing for your time and attention?  If you seriously study and analyze your life you become more aware of how complex it is. At a minimum there are family and career responsibilities. How about yourself – your health, happiness and goals? Is their enough time for your friends? And remember, every good citizen gives back to the community?

There are so many elements that you might end up feeling it’s an impossible task. How can you understand it all? How can you ever be effective? Well, the answer to these two questions is – it’s very difficult, but you have to put your mind and heart into it as you try your hardest.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her book with David Kessler, Life Lessons, explains it this way:

Unfinished business is the biggest problem in life. There are so many lessons to learn in life it’s impossible to master them all in one lifetime. But the more lessons we learn the more business we finish, and the more fully we live.


Now there’s a new word we have to deal with – lessons. According to Kubler-Ross life is all about learning how to live. As I watch my grandchildren grow up and think about my children’s development I have to agree that life is an experience in learning.

Let’s leave it at that for now. Future blogs need to address:

  • Spokes in the “wheel of life”
  • Thinking and learning, or putting your mind into it
  • Working from strengths
  • Motivation, or putting your heart into it
  • Planning for obstacles

Stay tuned.

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