Fullness of Life and Flow

How do you feel when you really get your act together? Why doesn’t it happen more often? Mihaly Csikszentmihaly explores this in his book “Finding Flow, BasicBooks, 1997”. He defines this state as “flow”:

Flow is those moments when what we feel, what we wish, and what we think are in harmony.

Aligning and harmonizing your goals was mentioned in 1a “More on Setting Goals”. Maybe aligning our feelings (emotions), wishes (goals) and thinking (mental) is the start to a new rule.

Csikszentmihaly delved into consciousness or experience and introduced a new term to me – psychic energy. When our act is together we do things effortlessly. Remember that presentation that was so smooth from start to finish? Remember that in-bound play in the last few seconds of the game that worked perfectly.

On the other hand it takes so much energy to concentrate when your thoughts, emotions and goals, or better still, intentions, are not in line. What should you do? Do you try to disregard one or two of the critical parts of your “self”? Your emotions (feelings) are your essential internal states of consciousness. They are your natural checkpoint to your thinking and intentions. And vice versa; your thinking is a checkpoint to your emotions and intentions. And voila – your intentions should harmonize with your feelings and thinking. Csikszentmihaly described this harmony or balance as follows:

Our intentions, goals, and motivation focus our psychic energy as we establish priorities and create order in our consciousness.

Here we go again – three new words and ideas that may not be clearly represented in the 19 Rules – intentions, motivation, order!

Once again, Csikszentmihaly summarizes it best:

Rarely do we feel the serenity that comes when heart, will and mind are on the same page.

Is this Rule 20?

Stay tuned … there’s so much more to discuss.

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