What motivates you?

The previous post indicated that motivation is based on satisfying needs and desires. That’s pretty general. Let’s get more specific. I’ll briefly share some of the things that motivate me. Then it’s up to you to figure yourself out.

My needs and desires are based on:

  1. fulfilling my priorities and
  2. doing more of what I love and enjoy.

My Priorities as already discussed in Rule 9

  1. Spiritual – being prepared for an afterlife
  2. Family
  3. Physical – my health
  4. Mental
  5. Emotional
  6. Social
  7. Hobbies/Recreation
  8. Community
  9. Professional
  10. Financial

This ranking of my spokes as well as “Put first things first.” are my “driving forces”.

Within each spoke there are many “to do’s” or goals. I review them regularly, so I am very “goal-oriented” or strategic in my actions

I also record the things I enjoy. In some instances these are dreams because even in retirement I may not get around to all of them. Here’s some of my ideas prioritized.

1. Learning

a. Food/Cooking: help at a mission, cCooking certificates at College or Schools

b. Learn to play: trumpet, guitar, harmonica, piano

c. Herbs: set up a new garden

d. University courses: nutrition, journalism, adolescent psychiatry, psychology, writing, music composition

e. Reading

f. Dance: Salsa, Reggae

g. Toys (involving physics): create a variety of wind chimes, Dominos, Roller Coasters

h. Keyboarding

2. Research

3. Helping others

Career counseling for mature adults

St. Vincent De Paul

4. Coaching – Basketball

5. Organizing

6. Music

New entertainment center

Equipment that allows new combinations of songs

Can I find music that match the effectiveness rules and quotations?

D.J. (for seniors?)

7. New Career

a. Broadcasting, Advertising (radio)

b. Newspaper columnist

c. “True Colours” consulting

d. Life strategies consulting

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