I’m free of Fantasy Basketball … what a relief!



Today I removed the Facebook application – CBS Sports Fantasy Basketball – and life is now so much better without this distraction.

Thanks to Mark, I started Jan 11, 2011 and it was lots of fun … at first. It satisfied my basic urges: competition, sports, problem solving.

Soon I started to wonder about the logic behind some surprising results. At first, I welcomed the problem solving challenge. Eventually I had to question the design parameters. The excuses given stressed “estimates”, “simulations”, “randomness” … as if there was something magical in the programming logic.

I’ve spent over 30 years in the Information Systems business. It became more obvious that the many obstacles presented were based on a conspiracy to get me to spend money in order to get ahead. As a businessman, I can’t complain.

The game was becoming addictive. I’d make decisions on how to improve my team and play my games early in the morning and then later at night. I began to question the value of spending time (probably as much as an hour a day) under the control of the originators.

The game was taking too much time from my strategic goals. Fun and recreation are way down on my list of important things to do, even though I am retired. I wasn’t following the effectiveness rules that work for me.

I did learn some important things during this three-month sojourn:

  • Distractions must be eliminated.
  • Be aware of your feelings, especially frustration; it’s a signal to change.
  • Positive thoughts lead to positive choices; negative thoughts to negative choices

I could feel the relief when I started a new day without this addiction and got back to “first things first”. I was invigorated, clear-minded and ready to do what was really important.

Life is full of simple messages and pleasures. Dave should love this post based on his 2005 article:



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