The Ultimate Virtues: Wisdom

Think of it! What if everyone was wise, grateful, and humble! I am 70 years old and have a handle on “gratitude”, but I’m still working on “wisdom” and “humility”. Let’s look at wisdom first.

“We cannot do right unless we first see correctly.”
Richard Gula, ethicist, Professor of Theology

Wisdom may be the most complex of all virtues. It’s the culmination of all our efforts to practice all the other virtues. To reach this highest point may take most of a lifetime, so the sooner we start on it, with ourselves and our children, the better.

The building blocks include:

  • developing a deep awareness or perception of people, things, events or situations,
  • understanding the critical relationships between these people, things, events or situations,
  • building a knowledge base of principles that will guide our choices and actions in the future,
  • insight: the ability to realize, recognize, and discern what is true, right, important, or lasting, and both good for us and good for others,
  • exercising good judgement and make reasoned decisions and choices, and
  • acting conscientiously, in keeping with this knowledge, insight, and good judgement.

The end result of choosing and acting wisely is effectiveness which is the consistent achievement of optimum, decided, decisive, or desired results that serve the well-being of that which we cherish.

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