Worry … who … me?

Two weeks ago, “worry” started to show up. My things-to-do were piling up more quickly than they were getting done. That build-up was making me anxious.

And then on Saturday, as I drove out of the driveway to knock off one or two of these things-to-do, my plans were disrupted by a “thump” from the rear of the car. It seemed to be tuned in to the frequency of the rotation of the tires. I got out to investigate. It wasn’t a flat tire. I couldn’t feel or see anything imbedded in the tire, like a nail. There was nothing clumped to it, like one of the squirrels or chipmunks that use my driveway as a thru-way. I decided to forget driving on the weekend and booked the car in for a check-up on Monday. I was annoyed that my plans were dashed and concerned that there I might be facing a costly alignment problem or worse.

Anxious, bothered, worried, annoyed, concerned … all for nothing. The resonating thump was caused by several loose license plates and other junk that had piled up on each other in the trunk. So often what I worry about doesn’t materialize or it doesn’t turn out as bad as I expected. What a waste of time and energy.

Later that week there were several instances when someone else  was worried about what they or others were facing. Changes were occurring. The future was uncertain. It was questionable that certain individuals were prepared to deal with the uncertainty and challenges that might occur.

I wondered:

Is there some value to worrying?

Is it a natural instinct or do our phobias force it?

What are its causes?

Do our feelings or thought process too quickly cause us to worry?

When does it make sense to worry?

How are worry and stress related? I don’t worry too often, except when I get behind on too many things. My worries might be a reaction to stress due to having too much to do. Does worrying increase as stress increases or is it the other way around?

How much should you worry about other’s decisions?

Is “don’t worry” good advice?

Whew – that’s a lot of questions to find answers to. I’ll share my findings with you in future posts.

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