Stage 2: When Worry is Bad

Worry is bad when it:
… is not productive: it does not resolve the situation;
… wastes time: it just repeats the same thinking pattern over and over without changing anything;
… causes too much distress in your daily life: you are unable to relax; you may think that you should worry until you feel less anxious, but it doesn‘t work that way.

Worry is a mental activity. It’s thinking, an intellectual or cognitive happening that causes feelings. What causes these feelings must be addressed if you want to change your feelings and reduce or eliminate anxiety.

The previous post introduced these “good” thinking behaviours that result in productive worry:

… makes you pay attention.
… makes you take precautions.
… helps you prepare for a situation as best you can.
… helps you to not overlook important items.
… helps you to be more responsible.
… helps you to find a reasonable solution to your predicament.
… helps you to take productive action.

You’d expect the opposite to these to be “bad” thinking behaviours, and you‘re right! Beneath the surface of each are specific signs or symptoms of bad worry.

Future blogs will delve into each grouping; here’s the first one:

What are you paying attention to?
Is your mind mostly in the future or past?
Are always thinking about what might or might not happen?
Do you believe that if you do not worry a terrible event will actually happen?
Do you expect a chain reaction of events resulting in misfortune or mishap?
Do you wonder and fret about what others are thinking?
Are you superstitious?

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