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Stage 2: When Worry is Bad

Worry is bad when it: … is not productive: it does not resolve the situation; … wastes time: it just repeats the same thinking pattern over and over without changing anything; … causes too much distress in your daily life: … Continue reading

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Stage 2: When Worry Is Good

Worry is natural and serves a purpose. It is necessary since it alerts us to  potential threats. Each of us worries differently and about different things. We have our own rule book that we think will help us to be … Continue reading

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Worry is like cholesterol …

Worrying indicates that that we are not looking forward to the next step. We aren’t ready and emotions kick in. The range of feelings is broad. Can you add to this list? anxious, concerned, uneasy annoyed nervous, jitters, uptight brood, … Continue reading

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The many flavours of “worry”

We all worry at times. Hopefully it’s short-lived and beneficial. Worry is natural and has an important purpose. It warns us to prepare for a challenge or risk. It reminds us to be careful when trying to cross a street … Continue reading

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Circumstance: Why We React The Way We Do

We are so different from each other in beliefs, principles, values, perspective, attitudes, skills, temperament and habits. As a result, our response to the same circumstance can vary wildly. If the circumstance seems positive, we are likely to respond in a more … Continue reading

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