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See the Needs Behind Every Action

“When we understand the needs that motivate our own and others’ behaviour, we have no enemies.” Marshall B. Rosenberg, American Psychologist, Creator of “Non-violent Communications” (1934- ) Your child’s annoying, sometimes seemingly illogical, actions are his attempt to satisfy a … Continue reading

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Circumstance: Why We React The Way We Do

We are so different from each other in beliefs, principles, values, perspective, attitudes, skills, temperament and habits. As a result, our response to the same circumstance can vary wildly. If the circumstance seems positive, we are likely to respond in a more … Continue reading

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Motivation, Will Power – Is a Spoke Missing?

“The whole motivation for any performer is “Look at me, Ma.”~ Lenny Bruce, Controversial American Comedian and Satirist (1925-1966) Commitment or how intensely we stick to our goals is a function of motivation. Should we be considering motivation (or will … Continue reading

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